Daily Free Tastings

    • Did you know that wines that “show a little skin” are healthier?
    • Continuing with our healthy wine trends and just in time for Valentine’s Day, this week we’re exploring wines with skin contact. Most health benefits from wine are attributed to the phenolic compounds found in the grape skins, such as antioxidants and reservatol. Since white wine doesn’t have skin contact (i.e., the pressed juice doesn’t ferment with the grape skins), this implies orange wines (white grapes given skin contact), rosés (red grapes with less skin contact than red wine production) and red wines offer more health benefits.
    • Pro Tip – the darker the color, the longer the skin contact and the more health benefits to you 🙂
    • Join us for this week’s tastings to try these wines showing some skin!
      • Monday-Tuesday February 11-12: Weekend Rewine’d
        Come see what’s open!
      • Wednesday, February 13
      • Mani di Luna Rosé Osé (Sangiovese, Sagratino) (Umbria, Italy)
      • Thursday, February 14 Happy Valentine’s Day!
      • Domaine Le Faye d’Homme X Bulles (Chardonnay, Grolleau) (Loire, France)
      • Broc Cellars Love Red (Carignan blend) (Campania, Italy)
      • Friday, February 15 
      • Channing Daughters Ramato (Pinot Grigio) (Long Island, New York)
      • Sunday & Saturday, February 16-17: Weekend Unwine’d
        Come see what’s open!