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Domaine Réveille!

We had the pleasure of meeting France Crispeels of Domaine Réveille last year, fell in ❤️ with her wines and were so sad when they ran out of stock. But now they’re back!


We  love winemakers who’s own diversity of backgrounds matches the diversity of their vineyards, and France is one of those. France studied architecture, film and writing and worked in art and business administration before deciding to study wine making in Marseille back in 2000. Inspired by her passion for wine and organic culture, she relocated to Cassagnes in Roussillon in the French Pyrenees, close to the Spanish border, and founded Vignoble Réveille by purchasing an estate of very old vine Carignan and Grenache, and has since expanded to include Syrah, Macabeu and Grenache Gris. Despite only producing wine since 2006, France has become known throughout the winemaking world for her organic production methods that have made her the talk of the natural wine movement.


What is natural wine? Most simply it is an approach to wine using minimal intervention – “nothing added, nothing taken out”. Natural wines are very handcrafted – manual harvesting, typically natural or no yeasts added, and wines made under organic and/or biodynamic conditions. Réveille actually means “rise” in French and is an reference to the growing natural wine movement in Roussillon. While the movement started in the mid part of the last century in other parts of France, not all areas have the right conditions for natural wines to be a success. Roussillon, however, is one that does. The strong wind, very hot temperature and lack of water are natural deterrents to pests and other vine disease. These same conditions produce better quality wines because they cause stress to the vines (it may seem counterintuitive, but more vine stress equates to better wine)


Roussillon used to be part of the kingdom of Aragon, and even today many people identify more with Catalonia in Spain than the rest of France. It’s a somewhat forgotten wine region a bit of a “frontier” winemaking area because it lacks the strict appellation rules other French winemaking regions must adhere to.


France Crispeels is producing pure and terroir driven wines that offer a real taste of the Mediterranean.  She only works on 9 hectares of property, so her wines are extremely limited. Grab yours before they’re gone!


Limited time 10% off single bottles, 20% all four!

  • Domaine Réveille White Spirit (Macabeu) $26 reg / $23.40 single
  • Domaine Réveille Tous des Oiseaux (Carignan) $26 reg / $23.40 single
  • Domaine Réveille Pointe Rouge (Carignan, Grenache) $33 reg / $29.70 single
  • Domaine RéveilleUltraviolet (Syrah) $32 reg / $28.80 single
  • All four bottles $117 reg / $93.60 discounted


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