At Common Vines Wine Shop, we believe everyone should feel like a wine expert. Wine is a product most of us enjoy
but don’t know a lot about. We want to change that.

We believe the more you know, the more you grow. We deliver consistent product information, personalized recommendations,
and offer products curated for quality and value with a focus on family owned and small,
craft producers.

We value personal relationships, rewarding you for your business and offering a modern experience both in-store and on-line.

We are conveniently located in the heart of downtown, and across the street from our friends at Taste Wine Bar & Kitchen, a tasting room where you can more
fully sample individual wines or wine flights, wine based cocktails, craft beer and cheese, or participate in guided tastings
and wine educational seminars and other private events.

We’re your neighbors. Stop by (often) and hang out.

Shop. Taste. Learn. Explore. Enjoy!

What We Do


We offer a warm, modern neighborhood store to invite you to stop by often, a curated selection of complimentary beverage & food products to one-stop shop, and sampling & shopping at your own pace with all day in-store samples and online 24/7 shopping access.


Wine is one of the few products you’re expected to buy without understanding much about. We want to change that, help you learn at your own pace and feel confident trying new things.


You have a lot of options when shopping for wine, beer & spirits, so we designed a loyalty program to show you we appreciate your business and to reward you regardless of how many bottles you buy at once.